Bonds: Prosecutors' Typos Could Compromise Case

Slugger Barry Bonds has submitted court papers complaining his chances for a fair trial could be hurt by typographical errors in a government filing wrongly accusing him of flunking a drug test in 2001.

Baseball's home run king has pleaded not guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice, and is asking a judge to dismiss the case.

In a filing last week opposing Bonds' motion for dismissal, prosecutors referred to a drug test Bonds failed in November 2001.

They later said those were typos, and they meant to reference a
November 2000 drug test also mentioned in the indictment.

Still, some media outlets reported that the government had procured new evidence proving Bonds had lied to a grand jury about his alleged drug use.

The mistakes were corrected the next day.

But Bonds' lawyers argue in Thursday's filing that the damage was already done.