Fernley High School Recruit Made Up Story

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FERNLEY- Five days after formally announcing his decision to play football for the University of California, Fernley Senior Kevin Hart released a statement saying he made the whole thing up.

On Wednesday, Hart issued the following statement through the Lyon County School District.

"I wanted to play D-1 ball more than anything. When I realized that wasn't going to happen, I made up what i wanted to be reality.

I am sorry for disappointing and embarrassing my family, coaches, Fernley High School, the involved universities and reporters covering the story."

On Friday, hundreds of students filled the school's gym to celebrate what they thought was the first Division I football scholarship in school history.

Athletic Officials from Cal, Oregon and other schools said to be interested in Hart immediately denied offering a scholarship. That prompted Hart to file a police report saying he had been duped by a faux recruiter named "Kevin Riley."

The lead investigator in this case tells Kolo-8 he thought it was "a little odd" that Hart said he got rid of the alleged recruiters' contact information and all receipts indicating payment.

Fernley High School was pretty much on lock down, Wednesday afternoon.

Two members of the administration prevented the media from entering the campus and several students say they were specifically told not to talk to the media.

Senior Ashley Danks says students gave Hart a mixed reception when he arrived on campus, Wednesday morning.

"I saw him pull into the parking lot and I guess he was late," says Danks. "And someone said look it's Kevin and half the class laughed and the other half just stayed quiet."

The Lyon County's sheriff's office will meet with Hart to get a more in-depth story about what happened. Then they'll pass on their findings to the District Attorney.

Hart could be charged with falsifying a police report, which carries a maximum fine of $1,000 or six months in jail.