School District Issues Statement on Kevin Hart Recruitment Probe

Editor's Note: The following was released by the Lyon County School District

The Lyon County School District has been in the process of conducting an internal investigation concerning the alleged recruiting of Kevin Hart, a senior at Fernley High School, by various Division 1 Football Programs. Although only in a preliminary stage, the District’s investigation to date has been unable to verify that Kevin Hart was ever offered an athletic scholarship or letter of intent to play football by the University of California, University of Oregon, University of Nevada, Washington University or Oklahoma State University.

The District understands the importance of the National Letter of Intent signing date, February 6, 2008, to these fine institutions and their football programs and issues this statement in order to clear up any concerns prospective recruits to those universities might have as a result of the events that have unfolded at Fernley High School since last Friday, February 1, 2008.

The District will continue its investigation into these serious allegations and will provide additional details, to the extent it is permitted to do so by law, in the future.

Lyon County School District
Nat Lommori, Superintendent
Teri White, Assistant Superintendent