The Chutes Are Open!

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The Chutes are found in a 200 acre bowl in between the front-side of Mt. Rose and the Slide side, home to a series of 16 designated runs that drop precipitously down from the top. The steepest is 55 degrees. The longest, 1500 feet.

6 of the runs are standard black diamonds, but the other 10 are double black--expert quality.

One ski journalist compared the Chutes to the finest terrain in Lake Tahoe and even to the best of the West coast.

That's good news for the resort that is always hoping to attract new visitors.

"When you get terrain like this, which is known as signature terrain, it puts us a little more on the map in Lake Tahoe. Other resorts have similar, extreme terrain, but now we've added a piece that not only is it signature, it's very, very visible. You don't have to go into the styx to find it. It's visible from almost all parts of the mountain," says Mike Pierce, the Marketing Director at Mt. Rose.

Helping to make the Chutes more accessible is a new lift, positioned to help skiers get out of the bowl and return to the other parts of the mountain. At Mt. Rose, you get the thrills without having to work too hard for them.