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  • Deflate-Gate: NFL Looking at Patriots Attendant
    The probe into under-inflated footballs deepens.
  • Kobe Bryant pays price for greatness
    Kobe Bryant did in Kobe Bryant. A man's greatest strengths are often his greatest weaknesses. Line up all of the admirable attributes that led Bryant to the highest level of hoops -- drive, determination, dedication, self-confidence -- and you'll find the reasons he no longer gets to play seasons out on his own terms. The road to greatness charges steep tolls. Bryant always willingly paid -- and never asked for his change. He was defiant until the end and checked back into the game last week in New Orleans, even though he knew his right shoulder, which he will have surgery on Wednesday to repair a torn right rotator cuff, was out of whack. Then he put up two left-handed shots. That wasn't the first time he's been forced to shoot left-handed. In his first head-to-head game against LeBron James in 2004, Bryant sprained his shoulder so badly his right arm was dangling like a broken tree branch, but he still tried a lefty jumper from the top of the key...
  • Robert Kraft better be right
    CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Robert Kraft got off the team plane and decided to pick up the blitz for his head coach and quarterback, if only because he felt he had no choice. The walls were closing hard around him, threatening to collapse on top of his staggering NFL success story, and the owner of the New England Patriots figured he had better get as rough and tough as Bill Belichick got Saturday. No, Kraft didn't put on a bizarre science fair to explain how the home team's footballs could lose air in the AFC Championship Game faster than Andrew Luck's offense did. Instead, the owner stepped to the microphone and read a speech proclaiming that Belichick and Tom Brady had committed no air-pressure felonies or misdemeanors, and that if the NFL's investigation proves just that, he'd "expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team, and in particular Coach Belichick and Tom Brady for what they've had to endure this past week." ...
  • ESPNTopNews
  • Jury Convicts 2 Ex-Vanderbilt Players of Raping Woman
    Jury convicts 2 former Vanderbilt football players of raping woman inside dorm room

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