Two Men Arrested in Murder Claim Victim Ordered Hit on Himself

Two men arrested for the murder of William Cybulski, a 35-year-old mortgage consultant, have said the victim faced a debilitating illness and ordered a hit on himself for $5,000.

Cybulski's next-door neighbor Jeremy Miello, 29, and Waymond Jeter, 35 have been arrested in the Aug. 22 killing.

Relatives and friends say that Cybulski wasn't suffering from a fatal illness.

He had business and personal plans, including marrying his longtime girlfriend and was going to attend a friend's wedding in New York in the fall.

"Does this sound like a guy planning to kill himself?" asked Jim Cybulski, the victim's father.

When detectives searched Cybulski's home computer, they found extensive research on cancers, leukemia, poisons and assisted suicide.

They also found an online document titled, "Will I go to hell if I kill myself," according to a police report.

Police also interviewed Miello, the next-door neighbor who had known Cybulski for several years. Miello told police he didn't know anything about Cybulski's death.

A few months later, on Nov. 8, police questioned Miello again, and that time, he told police Cybulski approached him a few days before the killing.

Miello said Cybulski had told him that he had a "friend" who was dying, possibly from a brain tumor.

The friend was throwing up blood, had vision problems and only had a few months to live.

Cybulski said his friend was offering $5,000 to help him commit suicide and "it would be doing the community a favor," the report said.

Cybulski added that the victim's insurance money would help pay
funeral costs and some bills.

Miello later talked with Cybulski about the job. This time, Cybulski admitted that he was the one who wanted to end his life. He was dying and wanted a quick way out.

Miello told police he tried to persuade Cybulski not to go through with it.

Cybulski couldn't be swayed. So they hatched a plan, according to police. Cybulski wanted a hit man to kill him on Aug. 22, because his roommate would be out of town. Cybulski didn't want Durham to be blamed.

Cybulski asked to be shot twice while he was asleep. But he wanted an open casket funeral, so he asked that the triggerman not shoot too closely to his head.

Miello talked to Jeter about the plan, according to police.

Jeter was a friend of Miello's and agreed to be the triggerman for $5,000, Miello told police.

On Aug. 22, Miello went to Cybulski's house. They smoked some
marijuana. Cybulski drank some beer and swallowed some Benadryl to
make him sleepy. He then went to bed.

Miello left the house and returned with Jeter, police said.

By about 2 a.m. on Aug. 23, Cybulski was dead.

Family members believe Cybulski was killed in a robbery attempt.

Police found cancer research on Cybulski's computer because he has a friend who was diagnosed with leukemia, relatives said. A friend's father died from a brain tumor, they said.

After Cybulski's death, Jim had an autopsy performed on his son's body. He asked medical examiners to look for any evidence of serious illness.

"He was in perfect health," Jim Cybulski said about his son's
autopsy results.

"These two defendants committed murder," said county prosecutor Ravi Bawa. "They're obviously going to have reasons for doing what they did. It doesn't mean it's a legal excuse."
Information from: Las Vegas Review-Journal,

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