Winter Weather Rescues

When Northern Nevada residents point to dramatic winter rescues, they often refer to the Stolpas. Nearly 20 years ago, the incident still remains fresh in people's minds, and is the stuff of made for t.v. movies.

It happened back in 1992 when Jim Stolpa, his wife Jennifer and 5-month old son Clayton tried to take a short cut to attend a funeral in Idaho.

Unfamiliar with the road, and unprepared for the snowfall, the couple would eventually be rescued by Washoe County Maintenance workers more than a week after they left their Paso Robles home.

“The common thread is lack of preparation,” says Randy Post.

Post is with the Sheriff's Office HASTY Team.

He says the Boy Scouts had it right.

In Northern Nevada and California winters you must "be prepared."

Just Ask Frederick Dominguez who along with his three sons went missing for days after a Christmas Tree cutting expedition.

“We just kept praying and believing in God that he was going to get us out of this and my kids are just troopers' said Dominguez after his rescue back in December 2007.

The family was not dressed properly they left no detailed plan and when they would be back.

John Schroeder and his girlfriend, Janette Degrace decided to take a scenic route through Placer County in February this year when their car got stuck in the snow.

They were stranded for three days before John went to go get help and hiked for miles in the snow before getting a cell signal.

These days more and more people depend upon their cell phones for help, but they may have to rethink that plan.

“They say oh I'll call the motor club for a tow, well there may not be cell service,” says Post.

And that includes the maps on your cell phone.

Post says know the weather conditions before you head out.

Let someone know your route and when you plan on being at your destination.

Wear clothes in case of severe weather, have an emergency kit in our car And don't take back roads in Nevada especially in the winter.

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