Reno Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

RENO, Nev. -- In just a few days, a local woman will celebrate a milestone birthday, but today, she celebrates with her family of five generations. For this centenarian, the secret to a long, healthy life doesn't involve food or exercise.

When Dora McCulloch enters a room, all eyes are on her. Even at age 100, she never leaves her home without a touch of lipstick.

"She's a lady, always a lady, and always handled herself with dignity and composure but never wavered from her beliefs," Karen Degney, grand-daughter said.

She'll be celebrating ten decades of life in June, and there's nothing she wants more than to spend it with loved ones.

"I wish I could move better, hear better. I just want my family to stick around me," McCulloch said. I don't think i want more of anything but that."

Her grand-daughter's fondest memories revolve around McCulloch's special healing abilities.

"Anytime we were sick, if we went to our grandma's we felt better. She made us better no matter we got a special place on the couch and she would always wait on us hand and foot," Degney said.

For McCullock, family is everything. She says raising one is her biggest accomplishment.

"I've been a really lucky woman to have my mother around for that long. She's been a great influence on us," Lausanne Trestler, daughter, said. "Always a homemaker, always cooked and a housekeeper, always there for us anytime we needed her--counseling or advice or just a shoulder to lean on--she was always there."

McCulloch has seen a lot of changes in the past century and has gone through personally changes herself. She survived cancer and lost her husband, but one thing that has remained constant in her life is the love from her family.

"It's that constant support system when everything in the world is changing, you have one constant and the one you know you can always trust them no matter what," Degney said.

The unconditional love she gave to her loved ones is apparent.

"We like her attitude and her outlook on life the way she saw people, she was very forgiving and tolerant and i think we've learned that from her," Trestler said.

With her ruby red lips and never a hair misplaced, Dora McCulloch leaves the room with a fuller heart.

"This has been a good life. I haven't been too bad off have I?"

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