Med School Match

Match day for fourth year medical students at the University of Nevada School of Medicine as well as other medical schools across the country. Students learn if they will match with their choice for a residency program.

Med School Match Day UNR

For some University of Nevada School of Medical School students, this day will go down as one of the most important in their lives.

Known as "Match Day" students learned where they will be pursuing a medical specialty and for how long. They anxiously waited for the news to come at 9a.m.

Many today got their wish, their first choice of where they want to live and practice for the next couple of years, not as medical school students, but as doctors--treating you, your family and friends.

Screams of excitment from many who matched with their first choice. Every medical student in here was matched to a residency program. Samantha Sharp had tears in her eyes when we talked to her about getting in to the University of Wisconsin's family medicine program.

" Its my dream program." says Samantha

Each year the medical school tries to have a themed match day for students. This year it was a disco theme complete with a mirror ball. Students opened up jewel cases that contained their name, labels inside told them where their next career move will be.

Stephanie Wright read from her disco C-D.

"University of Nevada Family Medicine Program here in Reno."

The school says all of their 50 students matched on this day. A U-S map in the room filled up with punch pins showing where these soon to be medical school grads will be headed next. For some here though getting the pin in the right location was a little bit more complicated.

"This was a little more tricky yea." says Suresh Raman and it had nothing to do with push pins.

Suresh and his wife Christina met in their second year of medical school and married soon after. Their wish was to match together in the same medical program, but different specialties. Today luck was on their side.

"Yea we are pretty happy, it worked out well." says Christina.

There were seven-hundred-88 couples like Suresh and Christina who matched this year, an all time record.
According to the National Resident Matching Program this was the largest match in history with 11-hundred more than last year and 45-hundred more than five years ago.

Dermatology, neurological surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and otolaryngology were the most competitive specialties for medical school seniors.

One-fifth of the first-year residency positions available through the Match were internal medicine positions. Some of those residents will seek further training in cardiology and gastroenterology.

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