More Men Opting For Laser Hair Removal

RENO, NV - Next to Botox injections laser hair removal is the second most common cosmetic procedure done here in the U.S.

Ads often appear in men's magazines showing what can be achieved after several sessions.

Apparently men are buying into the concept, comprising about 30% of laser hair patients.

“We are not focusing on women any more in terms of like you have to look a certain way, or be x amount fit and what not. Its both now, is guys too exactly,” says Rick Tydeman a patient at Esteem Medical Spa in Reno.

Tydeman says he heard about laser hair removal from his friend.

For Rick the problem areas are the shoulder and back.

The highly concentrated light from the laser goes to the hair follicle and destroys it.

While the dark hair is taken care of, the skin around it is undamaged.

“At the time you have more hair follicles you are going to feel more of it because there's more to hit. As the treatments go on aren't going to feel as much. It’s not as constant maintenance which guys tend to not like. work in small sections, and because the hair may be in a dormant or growing stage, the patient has to keep coming back, because while I may get some of the hair this session, I may not have gotten all of it, I have to wait and zap it when its in a growing stage,” says Shae McDonald, a laser technician with the spa..

Cost varies between $99-and $500 a treatment.

Rick says it feels like a rubber band snapping on his skin. He can expect when done with his series of treatments on average about six--he'll see 90%.

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