50 Shades Spawns Baby Boom

By: Staff Email
By: Staff Email

The book is so popular one British hotel has replaced Gideon's bible with copies of 50 Shades of Grey in each of it's rooms.

It's one the hottest best sellers of all time, EL James blockbuster series sold 20 million copies in the last 4 months and it would seem in the case of some women, the book has provided a lot more than some titillating bedside reading

The immensely popular book is frequently called porn for the mommy set. It has been heating up bedrooms across the country for months.

Reader Danielle says, "I kind of got lost in that little fantasy world."
Reader Michelle said, "Woah, what is this about?"
And Carly says "It was kind of erotic and sensual."

Now, 9 months later, babies. The book is being credited with its very own baby boom.

Linda Murray, Global Editor in Chief, BabyCenter.com says that "reading 50 Shades of Gray is acting like an aphrodisiac for women and it is putting them in the mood more frequently and they are having more sex and they are ultimately getting pregnant faster."

Bringing "sexy" back in the bedroom is one thing, but could the book be stirring the birds and the bees too?

After 14 months, Carly and Leroy of Washington were trying to have a baby and the sexy was missing from the sex, "It was definitely a chore. I think that the fun was taken out of it at that point in time because you are like 'okay, here it is day 14 and got five days to go, go strong. I didn't care if you are tired or what not, it is time to get to work!"

Danielle and Scott of New York had two kids with ease, but then were striking out: "It was getting frustrating." She was stressed out: "I'm luckily blessed to have two healthy kids but I wanted that one more and I was sad. Then Christian Grey entered my life."

In some cases the fun wasn't just in the bedroom. For Michelle and Michael Burdick, a miscarriage and health hiccups had made it difficult to add to their family of 4 and then Michelle's girlfriend recommended the book.

"I started telling him about it, bits and pieces, here and there and then i started taking pictures of the book and sending it to him," Michelle said. After that, nature pretty much took its course.

"It got me more excited and in turn he got more love and affection , less mechanical, more excitement," she said.

Michael said "She just put down the book and she was all over me. I was nice an enjoyable."

So, what would they say to the author? "Bring on the next series I guess, you know?"

The author E.L. James hasn't weighed in on a possible baby boom as a result of the book, but sales figures seem to show a pattern, sales of the books spiked about 9 months before many women's due dates.

The book may spawn another trend too. Some want to name their children after characters in the book. There's even a name for these babies on line, women are claiming to be carrying Grey Babies and Greybies.

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