The Gluten Free Explosion

Stop by Haven on Earth Bread and Bakery Company during businesses hours and business is good.

The bakery specializes in gluten free baked goods.

It's a dream for owner Kathy Johnston who herself has Celiac Disease, which means her body cannot tolerate gluten--found in wheat and barley products.

“For a Celiac or for someone who is truly allergic to wheat, the thing that they don't like to hear is having their whole family wanting to go out to a restaurant and someone saying, you can go they probably have a salad,” says Kathy.

Customers can have the same problems as Kathy does, or they may be gluten-sensitive, a different condition with similar digestive problems.

“We are seeing more and more people walking through our doors that have been diagnosed with Celiac or some form of gluten intolerance,” says Kathy's husband Tim.

“Somewhere about one-point seven million people have Celiac Disease. But we also have something similar to that number of people who are on a gluten free diet who do not have Celiac Disease,” says Karmella Thomas with UNR's Wellness & Weight Management Clinic

Thomas says she's noticed a lot of people adhering to a gluten free diet these days.

With a Celiac Disease or "gluten-sensitive" diagnosis that's completely appropriate she says.

But if the person is going gluten-free because they think its healthier, that could be a problem.

“There are a lot of nutrient deficiencies we get from somebody who does not consume gluten,” says Thomas.

As far as weight loss goes, a gluten free goody can have just as many calories as one that is not.

Its estimated Americans will spend and estimated seven-Billion dollars on food that is labeled gluten-free.

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