Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

RENO, NV - If you experience “bumps” in the night, a Reno restaurateur and homeowner can sympathize with you. But instead of being scared, she searched for more answers. Her journey has lead to a special once a month meal that leaves many asking, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”

Six years ago Barb Giacomini bought an historic house at 1st street and Bell and opened Daughters Café.

“It's just such a comfortable home and people fell that here, you know. When they come to eat they fee like they are visiting family. You hear that all the time. So we just have developed it. Its still a family home, when we close my family has Christmas Dinner,” says Barb.

And it was that first Christmas in the new house Barb noticed things start to happen.

In the morning the water in the bathroom sink downstairs would be turned on full force.

They heard furniture move.

“Loud children's laughter, everyone heard it,” says Giacomini.

You could hear people's conversations.

Those unexplained events eventually led to a séance dinner.

Barb contacted Theresa Peacock, a local psychic who said she would help Barb and others here find answers to their questions.

“There's plenty in this house, but they don't like to interact with us. So they basically sit and watch. And then I have already prior to coming here, I've invited everyone to come and join is for dinner and day whatever it is they need to say,” says Theresa.

About 18 people, mostly women, enjoy a home cooked meal by Barb.

“I really often have a sense of my grandmother in the kitchen,” she says as she prepares the meal.

That’s not a crazy thing to say, especially for people like Betty Franklin who signed up for the dinner.

“We are all energy, and you just transcend the energy source,” says Betty.

Tammy Kinder feels the same way.

“Spirits are around us everyday and they are here every day all the time. So this is nothing different, it’s just someone can communicate with them,” says Tammy.

Theresa starts with a prayer, and then takes each guest individually.

She may hold a piece of jewelry, but that's really all she knows initially.

“Wow, it will pass but I've got a really weird headache,” says Theresa as she holds a piece of jewelry from one woman who hoped to make contact with her twin sister.

Sometimes, Theresa picks up animals.

“These two they are just so good, no wonder you miss them so much, you miss them so much,” says Theresa.
“You are amazing,” says the woman who recently lost two pets near and dear to her.

For Betty, her ex-mother in law comes for a visit.

“It's labored, real labored, is this making any sense to someone you are connected with?” asks Theresa as she refers to her own breathing.

“My ex mother in law had emphysema real bad,” says Betty.

“Well I think she's going to hog the show for awhile,” says Theresa.

“She even had her gestures and mannerisms down to a T. So I have no doubt it was her,” Betty later tells me.

Tammy Kinder says she got the answers she was looking for and then some.

“Even hearing the other stories the ones that weren't yours, were really good and interesting and emotional,” says Tammy.

A good meal,with good conversation with those here and now, and those beyond.

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