Nomophobia: Fear Of Losing Cell Phone

RENO, NV - Most people use their cell phones for more than just making and taking calls. They check emails, take pictures, look at the internet, play games and use Facebook. Some people can’t separate themselves from their phones. There's now a name for that; it’s called Nomophobia.

There are approximately 5.6 Billion mobile phone subscribers here in the U.S.

A recent on line polling service estimates 66% of those surveyed say they fear losing or being without their cellular phone.

“Yea I'm aware it's a little bit crazy but, I don't know, its normal now. I know its bad, but it’s normal for me,” says Alli Cernosh, a local cell phone user.

Alli may be suffering Nomophobia as in no-mobile-phobia.

People between 18-and-24 tend to the most Nomophobic. As the population gets older the condition gets less common.

“Anytime something comes In I feel like I am working. So I tend not to look at it much unless I am working,” says Jason Dejong, another cell phone user.

“Because I don't want it to run my life for me,” says Deidre Kennelly another cell phone user.

“Why does the anxiety exist? Is it the same as someone losing their wallet? Concerned about losing their wallet as much as their cell phone or visa versa. If someone is concerned they don't have their phone, they could have a panic attack. Or if they don't have their phone something bad could happen to someone that could be an indication of a different problem, something such as panic with agoraphobia or obsessive compulsive disorder,” says Psychologist Stephen Mayville.

You can test yourself to see if you are a Nomophobe. First visualize yourself without your phone. Then leave it behind and lengthen the time you spend away from your phone. If you can't do it, you may be a Nomophobe.

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