New Use For The Kings Inn

George Flint is a lobbyist for the Nevada Brothel Association.

His office is on 4th Street near downtown Reno

“Sitting here in my office the other day I counted 17 women on a Saturday afternoon getting in and out of care on an average and they are gone for 40 minutes and do the truth is, there is full and corrupt illegal prostitution,” says Flint.

This isn't the first time George Flint--a lobbyist for the Nevada Brothel Association--has suggested legalizing prostitution beyond the cow counties.

He says in Reno or Sparks local governments could change ordinances and regulations and legalize prostitution.

“We had prostitution in Washoe County until World War 2. It was down on 2nd street they called it the cribs, and they closed it up, outlawed it during World War 2. It had to do with demands from Stead Air Base,” says Flint.

Flint envisions using the Kings Inn as a red light district for downtown Reno.

Some question with a Catholic Church one block away and a satellite campus for UNR just a half a block from there would the location stop the concept dead in its tracks.

Even in these economic times though, it’s tough to envision any local commissioner or councilman backing such a measure--even when finances are part of the proposition.

“We need to do things to make it a town people want to come back to. And I'm going to be hung in effigy tonight for saying this, but the truth is that's something we could do to bring people back,” says Flint

While legalizing prostitution may take long legal action Flint says, for Clark County it’s a different story.

That will take legislative action, and Flint says he already has an unnamed law maker who says he will sponsor a bill next session in Carson City.

He pictures a board—much like the Gaming Control Board—to regulate prostitution in a red light district in both Clark County and the city of Las Vegas.

Billions of dollars for local governments in Southern Nevada he says are in the offing.

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