Horse Advocates Vs Property Owners

RENO, NV - This week, Michael DiLoreto and his father were putting up panels and a trap to capture wild horses on their property, and then DiLoreto captured this on his cell phone, a woman on a public street walking right towards him.

Woman: You know what I don't want you filming me, so guess what? Guess what? (hits the cell phone) I can take the phone. (touches the cell phone.) You don't have the right to film me. Did you hear me?
Man: I'm going to have the police come out here and arrest you for assault.
Woman: Wah, wah, I didn't touch him!
Man: I just saw you do it.
Woman: I didn't touch him he touched me. I was doing this.
Man: I just saw you do it, you lying filthy woman.
Woman: I did not touch him, you are nuts.
Other man: Get in the car, get in the car.

DiLoreto says he's seen the woman before in the area, but never been treated this way.

We talked to Reno Police and because the investigation is still underway they would not release the name of the woman.

But at this time they say she is a suspect in a simple battery case.

A horse advocate, she and many like her call themselves the stewards of the wild horses that graze out near the shooting range at Double Diamond.

“We've set panels up as early as last week. Every morning we go out there, horses that we know have been in that trap have been shooed away over the property line,” says Ed Foster with Nevada's Department of Agriculture.

If they are captured, the horses will go to the highest bidder.

They could go to a good home, or they could be processed for food or even glue. And its that option that has many in this neighborhood upset that anyone would want to get rid of the horses.

But with a parched landscape, more and more of the bands are headed down the mountain to a large residential area where lawns are easy to come by.

There is a potential for someone getting hurt when the horses get up close and personal.

While some say that will never happen, others wonder what happens next when it does.

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