Fire Victims Give Thanks

RENO, NV - Residents in south Reno are, for the most part taking the day off from insurance companies, carpet cleaners, and contractors after a fire ripped through their homes and streets nearly one week ago.

South Reno resident Billie Limpert has a morning stroll with her baby, and takes in the fire damage that surrounds her neighborhood.

She can see her home from this vantage point and can't believe the apparent randomness of the fire.

“We watched it come over the hill over Caughlin and hit Manzanita and then all of a sudden it was at our backyard. We evacuated and got the heck out of there. Looking at everything, thankful we are ok, our house is ok and our family is ok,” says Limpert.

Neighbors in the area walk up and down the street probably as they would any other day.

But unlike any other day, they may pass a home like that’s, gone--with only a foundation left.

Next to it, the back side of a home has disappeared, and another home, sitting next to a fire hydrant didn't get out unscathed.

Shefer and Talshahar Zemach along with their mother take their scooters up the sidewalk.
For them, it’s about getting out and having fun.

But just behind them you can see again the fire's destructive path down The Steamboat Ditch Trail.

“I'm saying we give thanks for like all the people who helped put the fire out, says 7 year old Shefer.

“I'm going to give thanks for those who called us, who helped us, being supported, and the firemen and policemen,” says 11 year old Talshahar.

And that sentiment it shared by just about everyone.

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