Expert Advice On Holiday Weight Loss: Focus On The Future

The holidays have come and gone, but maybe the weight hasn't. Experts say there's a few easy changes you can make everyday to help shed the pounds.

"There's some studies that show that over 50 percent of weight gained throughout the year is during the holiday season,." says Dr. Kent Sasse, medical director at iMetabolic.

It's no secret, during the holidays, some of us like to indulge in some greasy food or the perfect dessert.

Dr. Sasse says those treats can add up quickly.

"Some studies that show ten to 15 pounds believe it or not," says Dr. Sasse.

If you notice your pants fitting a little tighter than a couple months ago, Dr. Sasse says the first the first thing you need to do is stop thinking about the past and focus on the future.

He recommends setting some goals, for example, losing five pounds.

"That's a very achievable goal and you can do so with some very easy changes in what you eat and drink in the new year."

Dr. Sasse recommends eating a breakfast full of protein, avoid food with carbs or sugar. It's extremely important to drink plenty of water.

"It takes the place of something we may be eating or drinking that has a lot of calories that are going to be stored as fat," says Dr. Sasse.

Also, think ahead: pack some snacks with you when you head out the door, so you're not tempted by fatty foods in the vending machine. In fact, Dr. Sasse says eating more frequently throughout the day could be more beneficial than eating three large meals.

"What's healthier for us to have six or seven small meals, or times where we are eating throughout the day," says Dr. Sasse.

Last but not least, a good night's sleep of eight hours will help keep your body rested and may help keep the weight off.

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