Big Horse Holds Big Promise For Artist

“I'd like to think of myself as a rock whisperer,” says Dustin Rand when asked to describe what he does for a living.

Like Michaelangelo, who needed scaffolding to paint the Sistine Chapel, the modern day Rand needs a lift to get us to the top of his nearly four story sculpture.

With the help of four assistants he says, he is creating a Pegasus.

But is it rising from or trapped in the soil?

That's for the observer to decide.

“And you look at life like the glass is half full the horse if going to make it out of the ground. And if the glass is half empty, then that thing is stuck,” says Rand.

The horse is put together by three pieces of rock he says he trucked east of town.

The rocks--the largest weighing 130,000 pounds--have been whittled away to nearly half their size, and pieced together with rods.

Once upright, Dustin and his assistants use grinders or saws to create a mane, ear, hoof or wings.

“I am at a cross roads. I owe every friend I have money at this point. So, I don't want to let them down,” says Rand.

Once a designer and builder of landscape waterfalls, the rocks and their evolution is something he says he was meant to do,

When the sculpture is complete he says, it would be more of a floor sample--something someone would want recreated elsewhere

“The further we get along, it’s just almost easier to re-create one from scratch,” says Rand.

Dustin says such a proposal would put local artists back to work

And just as Zeus instructed the mythical horse to bring lightning and thunder to Olympus--perhaps this Pegasus can light a spark in Reno.

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