Bed Bugs on the Rise in Nevada

RENO, Nev. -- Bed bugs are on the rise in Nevada, according to pest control experts. Tourist hot spots like Reno, bring more than just tourists into the city.

The bed bugs don't discriminate, whether you are rich or poor. In fact, these bugs aren't just in your beds anymore. Anyone can be affected and these are some steps on how you can keep your home from getting infested.

It's as small as an apple seed and as blood thirsty as a vampire; bed bugs will find you.

They're big enough to be seen, but small enough to easily hide. They can be picked up almost anywhere from furniture, to backpacks, to even walls.

"Bed bugs can live up to 6-12 months with or without a blood meal so if you think you have bed bugs and just staying out of your home for a couple of weeks is not gonna take care of the issue. They will still be there," Jason Derrer, Catseye Pest Control Expert said.

One in five people has either had bed bugs or knows someone who has. Jessica first started noticing the bugs in her apartment.

"One morning i got up and saw a bug and I knew what it looked like from the documentary and sure enough they were all over my mattress," she said.

A local pest company confirmed that she had bed bugs and treated the problem. Jessica and her family decided to move out but after a month in her new home, she saw signs the the pests were back.

"The most popular way for bed bugs to get in your home is that they will travel on you or on your luggage or your belongings that you use every day," Derrer said.

Unable to afford the treatment plan for her house, she is left with unanswered questions.

"I have three little children and when your kids are crying because they're hurt and they're swollen and there's not anything you can do because there's no outside resources that will help's very frustrating," Jessica said.

Derrer says the first thing to do if you suspect you have bed bugs is call the experts.

"It's not a do it yourself project. if you try to do it yourself there is consequences such as you can lose your furniture you can accidentally poison yourself with using restricted use pesticides. let the experts handle it."

Here are some signs to look for if you suspect you have bed bugs:

Sharpie-marked looking blood splats, bed bug skins after they grow and shed, and fecal matter.

If you buy second-hand furniture, check the seams and the zippers because that's where bed bugs like to hang out the most.

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