Stay At Home Dad Finds Time For Radio Show

When we stopped by Kevin and Tami Price's home early one morning, we expected the chaos that is usually underway when three young kids are getting ready for school. Not with Kevin at the helm. Everything at the Price household is surprisingly calm. Lunches are made, even with Mickey Mouse cutouts in the bread! And, yes, Dads can do ponytails too as Kevin helps with his daughter's hair.

Kevin says he still hears the question,” You’re a stay at home Dad?"
I do, I get it more from guys then from Moms. Moms think it's cool guys think it might be weird they can't understand how I don't have a regular job.

A regular job? Kevin is working all day! He says being a stay-at-home Dad is harder than some jobs he's had. With the laundry, and the cooking and the banking, he says he puts in more hours than he would at an office job.

Kevin's wife Tami has always wanted to be a teacher. Having Kevin stay at home with the kids while she's at school, paints the perfect picture. "Getting married, having kids, my dreams all came true. I can go to school, get my work done and I know the kids are safe," Tami says.

And while she's at work, in between the laundry, the snacks, and the homework Kevin sneaks in some time for his radio show. He records a new show every week. It's based on his family and covers everything from bullying in school to poverty, to traveling with kids.

Kevin says being a good parent is about reading to your hugs, hugging your kids and just spending time with them.

"Being able to say I was there for everything they do, I see, I'm always with them, I wouldn't trade it for anything."

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