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28 Hours Needed To Complete Tax Forms

Updated: 04/15/2004 - If it seems like it's taking you longer and longer to fill out your tax return each year, you're not imagining things. The government estimates it takes taxpayers 28 hours and 30 minutes to complete an average tax return with itemized deductions and income reported from interest, dividends and capital gains. That's 42 minutes longer than last year.

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Agosti Won't Seeks Second Term In High Court

Updated: 04/15/2004 - Justice Deborah Agosti, under fire for writing a Nevada Supreme Court opinion to temporarily let lawmakers approve tax hikes without a mandatory two-thirds' supermajority, said Thursday she has decided against seeking re-election.

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Nevada Gas Prices Hit All-Time High

Updated: 04/14/2004 - Gasoline prices in Nevada have hit new record highs and the upward trend is unlikely to recede in the coming weeks, AAA Nevada said Wednesday.

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Bush Endorses Israel's Plan on West Bank

Updated: 04/14/2004 - In a historic policy shift, President Bush on Wednesday endorsed Israel's plan to hold on to part of the West Bank in any final peace settlement with the Palestinians.

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NRC Sees Delays in Licensing Yucca Depository

Yucca Mountain

Updated: 04/15/2004 - Auditors say flaws and shortcomings in technical documents could delay licensing a national nuclear waste repository the Energy Department wants to open in the Nevada desert.

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State Looking to Secure Old Mines

Updated: 04/15/2004 - The Nevada Division of Minerals hopes to identify 500 old underground mine workings this summer and secure at least 450 more in a search for what officials estimate to be 50,000 abandoned sites across the state.

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Clown Pair Fired by Circus-Circus

Updated: 04/15/2004 - Cuddles and Canoli, the Circus Circus clowns who have entertained guests at the Reno hotel-casino and served as community ambassadors for more than a decade, have been told to take a hike.

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High Tech License Plates Unveiled

Updated: 04/14/2004 - Starting in November, there'll be a new look to Nevada license plates. The Department of Motor Vehicles is going high tech

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Fallon Unveils Arsenic-Removing Treatment Plants

Updated: 04/13/2004 - Federal, state and local officials Tuesday unveiled the city's new, state-of-the-art water treatment plant designed to remove arsenic from drinking water.

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Bush Vows U.S. Will Finish Job in Iraq

Updated: 04/13/2004 - Conceding a couple of "tough weeks in Iraq," President Bush signaled Tuesday night he is ready to increase American troop strength in the country, adding he intends to "finish the work of the fallen" and usher in a new era of democracy.

  • Transcript available here.

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  • Panel Says FBI Missed 9/11 Opportunities

    Updated: 04/13/2004 - A more nimble FBI and CIA working together might have uncovered the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist plot, the commission investigating the attacks said Tuesday, laying out an agonizing series of missed opportunities, half measures and bureaucratic inertia.

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    Nevada Seniors Losing Homes to Pay Medicaid Costs

    Updated: 04/14/2004 - Some Nevada senior citizens say they fear losing their homes to the state after the Nevada Supreme Court upheld state liens on the estates of people who received Medicaid health care costs.

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    Train Trench Project Reaches Milestone

    Updated: 04/12/2004 - Reno's downtown train trench project will begin a new phase Tuesday when rail traffic is switched to a temporary bypass track, city officials said.

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    Officials: Pre-9/11 Memo Excluded Data

    Updated: 04/12/2004 - Just one day after President Bush received a pre-Sept. 11 briefing on al-Qaida's effort to strike on U.S. soil, senior government executives received a similarly titled memo that excluded information about current threats and investigations, say federal officials who have read both documents.

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    Fragile Cease-Fire Holds in Fallujah

    Updated: 04/11/2004 - A fragile cease-fire held between Sunni insurgents and U.S. Marines on Sunday in the besieged city of Fallujah, where Iraqis said more than 600 civilians were killed in the past week. Near Baghdad, gunmen shot down a U.S. attack helicopter, killing two crewmembers.

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    Little Relief Seen After Six Years of Dought

    Updated: 04/12/2004 - From the brittle hillsides of Southern California to the drying fields of Idaho, from Montana to New Mexico, a relentless drought is worsening across most of the West, water supplies are dwindling and the threat of wildfires is rising.

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    Bush Was Satisfied on Pre-9/11 Probes

    Updated: 04/11/2004 - President Bush insisted Sunday he was satisfied that federal agents were on top of the terrorist threat after reading a pre-Sept. 11 briefing detailing Osama bin Laden's intentions on U.S. soil.

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    Regent Denies Allegations of Sexual Harassment

    Updated: 04/12/2004 - University Regent Jack Schofield has broken his silence on sexual harassment claims made against him, contending they are a result of his vote to demote a college official.

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    Bush's Pre-9/11 al-Qaida Memo Released

    September 11 Commission

    Updated: 04/10/2004 - President Bush was told more than a month before the Sept. 11 attacks that al-Qaida had reached America's shores, had a support system in place for its operatives and that the FBI had detected suspicious activity that might involve a hijacking plot.

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    Nevada Ranks Near Bottom For Graduation Rate

    Updated: 01/12/2005 - Nevada ranks 39th nationally for its high school graduation rate and dead last for the number of students who go directly to college after graduation, according to a report.

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    U.S. Seeks Truce With Fallujah Militants

    Updated: 04/10/2004 - Government negotiators entered the besieged city of Fallujah Saturday as fierce battles raged elsewhere in central Iraq, including Baghdad.

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