Z-Pie Offers Chance to "Pie it Forward," Help Young People

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RENO, NV - A local restaurant is offering the chance to "pie it forward" this month. Z-Pie is encouraging guests to buy one of the gourmet pot pies for a friend, relative, even a complete stranger. The hope is the recipients will do the same.

"We keep track of it on a board and it's just about getting a good vibe going," Z-Pie owner Lynette Eddy said. "we've found people just like to share, it makes them feel good and that's a good thing."

Profits from the program - like all purchases at Z-Pie - benefit The Eddy House, a non-profit organization that provides supportive residential housing to young men who have aged out of the foster care system. Eddy, a social worker, has been running the restaurant and house for about two years now.

"I found out there's a gap in the system for kids that age out of foster care," Eddy said. "It's really hard for them to make it and they really don't have the support or skills they need to really succeed."

Many of the residents work at Z-Pie.

"they come in and it's usually their first job," Eddy said. "It's pretty exciting to see them gain confidence, work with the public and gain skills. They build up their bank accounts and we help them with budgeting. They're doing great so we're really excited about our crew."

20-year-old college student and Z-Pie employee Tommy Martin found The Eddy house last year. He was in foster care all through high school.

"When I moved out I was placed with a roommate. He was a good guy but we were both young and went wild for a minute," Martin said. "I got kicked out of four different apartments and then I learned about The Eddy house."

He says living there has turned his life around.

"It's the best place for young men like me who age out of foster care to go," Martin said. "There is a lot of stability and structure and they definitely want us to make the right decisions in life. Now I'm a full-time student, I have a job and I just bought a car. I'm doing a lot of things I never thought I'd be doing without The Eddy House.

He's studying social work at TMCC.

"I just want to help kids like my social worker did," Martin said. "I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

Z-Pie offers dine-in, take-out, delivery and catering services.