Xerox Says System Is Improving

CARSON CITY, NV - The company's comments came Thursday in front of the Silver State Health Exchange Board, which is scrutinizing the company's beleaguered system.

The company says more than 19,000 Nevadans have enrolled in the program.

That's more than A 5% increase since last Friday.

The company projects it will have 50,000 people enrolled by March 31st.

Still, one insurance broker told the board there are still problems getting people enrolled for insurance, paying for it or getting confirmation they have it at all.

”And I'm just appalled by the amount of stuff indicating the numbers of calls being answered in X amount to time. It's not a matter of them answering the phone call, its not of matter of you saying it's a resolvable issue because it's not, because we get the end of it,” said Tamar Birch, an insurance broker.

Xerox says it plans to use mail or email to contact people who walked away from non-completed on-line applications, encouraging them to finish before the March 31st deadline.

The board also appointed Steven Fisher as the interim executive director of the exchange.

He replaces Jon Hager, who left the post about two weeks ago.

We tried to talk to Mr. Fisher on Thursday about what his plans are as the acting director.

But he refused to go on camera.