Xerox Gets The Boot

CARSON CITY, NV - Two Xerox representatives made a last-ditch effort to convince the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange Board to stay the course with the company.

An engineer admitted the company's performance was lackluster--but improvements had been made, and it was only going to get better.

But the criticism surrounding Xerox from consumers and board members alike came fast and furious.

” Benchmarks by our current vendor Xerox. I haven't heard anything or seen anything that makes me believe that we are going to make that,” said board vice-chair Lynn Etkins.

” I have a young lady named Terri Yawnee who basically told me that I am finished. She got an email from Xerox saying we have your problem fixed 2 months ago. And she is still not insured as of today,” testified Patrick Kassell an insurance broker.

… end the business relationship with Xerox State Healthcare LLC...” said Etkins later in the meeting as she made a motion to absolve the contract with the Fortune 500 Company.

It was no surprise, then, when the board unanimously voted to end its relationship with Xerox and go another way for next year's enrollment program.

The board, again unanimously, voted to have the federal exchange enroll Nevadans in health care plans beginning November through February 20-15.

The board made the move to give itself some breathing room, while still being able to call Nevada's Health Care Exchange "state-sponsored."

It will cost nothing to have the federal system in place. During next year's enrollment period, board members and others will be able to find another company or state that will be able to handle enrollment for 2016.

$59,000,000 dollars will also be set aside for use by the board as Xerox will only receive $12,000,000 dollars for its efforts.

That's after being awarded a $72,000,000 dollar contract from the state.

In Nevada's contract w3ith Xerox, Xerox agreed to indemnify the state for any liabilities that occurred during the length of the contract.

In a recent class-action suit filed against Xerox and the state, that means Xerox will pay any damages awarded to the plaintiff that were caused by the actions of Nevada.