Wounded Warriors Healed at Sports Camp

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, NV - Life after combat can be difficult enough by itself, but for those who were injured while serving our country, there's the added problem of not being able to do things that were once simple. A special sports camp in northern Nevada this week is throwing caution to the wind, and having vets do things they never thought possible.

It's the second day of the wounded veterans sports camp that is put on by the City of Reno. For veterans, it's about coming together and trying something new; for volunteers, it's about giving back to those who gave so much.

On a small lake outside of Carson City, it's water-ski day.

"I have never done this before," said Cindy Lee, who is a little apprehensive as she's lowered into the lake for her first attempt.

"Oh lord have mercy," said Lee.

Cindy has to sit down while skiing because she only has one leg. A product of an accident at Quantico, Virginia 24 years ago.

"I had a situation where my tibia was dying and so rather than wait for it to go I decided to have the surgeon amputate it," said Lee

After the operation came concern about whether she'd be able to to the same things as an able-bodied person.

"It was exhilarating, you know just an opportunity to do something I had never done before, to do something I had never done as an able-bodied person," said Lee.

Several wounded warriors from Nevada and elsewhere are participating in this week's camp put on by Reno Parks and Recreation.

"So it's a really neat opportunity to see them recreating again even though they have an injury," said April Wolfe with the City of Reno.

"Just because you are injured does not mean that your life has to stop of even be altered. The only thing you have to do is alter the way you do things," said Chess Johnson, another wounded warrior.

That is what so many people did Thursday and will continue to do throughout this week.

"This organization is going to figure out a way to allow you to do what you want to do again, you just have to tell them what you want to do," said Johnson.

Later in the week it will be volleyball, rugby, rock climbing and a whole lot more. Some much deserved fun times for these heroes.