Woodburning Stove Rebate Available

RENO, NV - Inversion layers occur when cold air and the particulates contained in it are trapped by warm air up above.

Spend any time during the winter months here and you can see the dirty air hover above the valley.

The particulates come mostly from woodburning stoves and car exhaust.

Washoe County's health department, along with the university, is offering a special wood stove change-out program in hopes of eliminating old and inefficient stoves.

Invest in a new stove right now and you could see a rebate of up to $1100

"Nice thing about this is it's an instant rebate. The dealer does all the leg work for you. So what the customer will see is an instant $500 and $1100 savings on their invoice,” says Daniel Inouye with the Washoe County Air Quality Division.

Carson City and Douglas County have a similar offer for residents.

Combine all three programs and there are about 400 stoves which would qualify for the program.

The rebates are given on a first-come-first-served basis.