Motion to Dismiss Filed in Case of Carson Mercy Killing

Mugshot courtesy Carson City Jail
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CARSON CITY, NV - Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury has field a motion to dismiss a case against a man who shot and killed his wife at Carson-Tahoe Medical Center.

89-year-old William Dresser shot 86-year-old Francis Dresser in the hospital in January 2014; she was there after a paralyzing fall in her home. Doctors had told her that she would be a quadriplegic for the rest of her life, and she expressed her desire not to live any longer in that condition.

Based on that stated desire, Mr. Dresser went to her hospital room and shot her with a small caliber handgun, then tried to kill himself, but the gun jammed.

Mr. Dresser was charged with murder with an elderly victim enhancement.

After more than a year of looking into the matter, Woodbury says there would be no point in prosecution, given the cost of a trial and incarceration, plus that stated desire of the victim to die, coupled with the couple's family not wanting prosecution to proceed.

Click the link to the right to see the original police report. Also attached is the DA's motion to dismiss, which still must be approved by a judge.