Woman Serial Bank Robber Still At Large

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Local police and FBI know they have a serial bank robber on their hands. The surprise is it's a woman.

Late Wednesday afternoon the woman walked into the Wells Fargo branch at California and Arlington, handed the teller a note demanding money. When she didn't get the response she wanted, she apparently got nervous and fled.

She wasn't done for the day.

Less than 15 minutes later the same woman apparently walked into another Wells Fargo Bank at Peckham and South Virginia. This time leaving before making any attempts to get money.

She's described as being in her 30's, heavy set with bleached blonde hair with pink streaks and was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt and red sweat pants.

Given some variations on her hair and age, it's the same general description of the woman who has robbed five banks and made one other attempt in Reno and Sparks since early June.

"We do have a female that's out there robbing our banks," says Reno Police spokesman Lt. Bill Rulla.

How unusual is that, a woman robbing banks?

"It's unique in our area."
And in each case her M.0. has been the same.

"So far, there's been luckily no weapons seen," says Rulla. "It's always been some type of threat and demanding some money."

Rulla and a Sparks Police spokesman say they've received a number of Secret Witness tips, but none have panned out.

They're still hoping someone out there knows something and will call.

"If anybody knows her, knows anybody that matches her description, maybe someone's come into some money recently that's unusual for that person," says Rulla, "please give your local jurisdiction a call, whether its Reno, Sparks or your local FBI."

Secret Witness has posted a $1,000 reward for information leading to her arrest and prosecution. Their number is 322-4900.

At the moment though, the woman's identity remains a mystery, her motives unknown and the rate of her attempts appear to be increasing.