Fund Set for Family of Victim of Carson City Attack

27-year-old Leonardo Cardoza
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CARSON CITY, NV - Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says 19-year-old Desiree Bragg has died after being taken off life support. She had been considered brain dead after being crushed in a bizarre weekend attack in Carson City Saturday, January 26.

Sheriff Furlong says charges against the suspect, 27-year-old Leonardo Cardoza, will likely be upped from the current battery with a deadly weapon when the District Attorney's office is done reviewing the case.

Furlong says it happened around 9:30 Saturday night, when deputies responded to a report of a pedestrian severely injured in a car accident. They say Cardoza hit Bragg with his van, pinning her against the side of a house.

According to deputies, Bragg was driving westbound on Hwy 50 East near Lompa Lane when she and her fiancé, also in the car, noticed a car driven by Cardoza tailgating them.

When they exited onto the Hwy 580 bypass headed to College Parkway, they noted the vehicle continued to tailgate. After leaving the freeway, at the 3500 block of Cinnabar, Bragg pulled into her mother's driveway and got out of her car. At that time, Cardoza, who had followed them, allegedly accelerated his van into the driveway, crushing Bragg.

Deputies say he backed out of the driveway and drove south on Cinnabar. At the intersection of Cinnabar and College Parkway, Cardoza's van broke down when he drove through a fence two blocks from the house.

Furlong says Cardoza then ran back to the victim's home, where he was confronted by residents.

Cardoza was transported to Renown for treatment and released to custody early Sunday morning. He is being held on suspicion of Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Injuries, and DUI.

The victim was also transported to Renown, where her injuries included broken bones and internal injuries.

Furlong says the incident seems to have been completely random, and no relationship between the victim and the suspect has been determined.

A fund to help Bragg's family is set up at Greater Nevada Credit Union, where any branch will allow donations to be made to the Desiree Bragg fund, account number 926595.