Winterizing Irrigation Systems for the Year

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Reno, NV -- Considering we were in the 70's over the weekend, it does seem like it's freezing outside, but thankfully it's still not cold enough to freeze your sprinkler lines. If you haven't drained your pipes, you're in luck!

Frozen pipes can lead to expensive repairs that can cost you hundreds of dollars, that is if you don't properly turn them off for the winter. The good news is it only takes a couple minutes to get it done and now is the perfect time to winterize before the big chill begins.

"In the springtime when we turn the water on, there's always like a break in the PVC pipings, so maybe we're doing something wrong," a Reno resident said.

'Lived in the Bay Area where in the wintertime where we didn't have to worry about freezing, so that's a new concern for me," a man who recently moved to Reno said.

"It's very easy to be away from the house for a few hours and have something broke; you could have water problems before you even knew it," a Reno man said.

It's important to turn off your lawn sprinkler system for the season, but it's more than just turning a dial.

"It can get a little tricky here and there and it's just little things that need to be done a certain way to get done properly," Nazario Marin, field supervisor for Signature Landscape, said.

Marin has been in the business for more than 20 years, and says he works on 800 to 900 winterizations each year, but there are those who need a friendly reminder.

"Every year, we get those last-minute calls where water is just running down the street because people don't turn their water off," he said.

To avoid those headaches this year, winterizing your sprinkling system in the next couple of weeks can save you up to a thousand dollars in repairs.

"If the water comes out of the ground, you know something is wrong, but if it's on the ground, it can go under your house and do other damage."

The first step is making sure you shut off and drain the irrigation system, turn valves right to close and left to open. In just about 20 minutes, your sprinkler system and home can be protected against old man winter.

"It's got to be done and it's better to do it sooner than later."

It costs about $60 to hire an expert to winterize your sprinkler system, which is a small amount when you compare it to the cost of repairs. In case you want to do it yourself, there is a step-by-step tutorial posted on the link below.