Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on Roads

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RENO, NV--As night falls, driving in the Truckee Meadows gets ever more treacherous. The snow that fell on the roads all day has turned to ice. The roads were just as slippery Tuesday morning, as the snowfall started right in the middle of the morning commute.

On the highways some drivers weren't ready for what Mother Nature had in store. The Nevada Highway Patrol responded to more than 30 accidents before the clock struck noon.

"We have had a lot of slide-offs. People just going a little too fast and not understanding how slick it is on the highway," said Trooper Dave Gibson with the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Lack of traction is what caused a semi to get stuck. It was at an uphill stop sign and couldn't get moving again.

Downtown, drivers had the same problem. Near the university, cars couldn't make it up North Virginia. Bystanders lent a hand pushing the vehicles uphill. Snow plows cleared the roads but a slick surface was still left behind.

"Well, you should be conscious on the route that you are taking and know the limitations of your vehicle and your ability to drive your vehicle," said Marnell Heinz, Maintenance and Operations Manager for the Reno Street Division.

Heinz says keeping the roadways safe will be a high priority as the cold snap continues through the week. Crews started placing abrasives on the roadway Tuesday night so drivers have more traction. If the temperatures warm up to at least 20 degrees on Wednesday, they will also apply a salt brine that will melt the ice. If temperatures do not get to that level, the brine will not be placed on the road because it will freeze.