Wing Fest Draws Crowds, Heat To Downtown Reno

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You will find just about every variation of everyone's favorite finger food at the Biggest Little Wing Fest now underway in downtown Reno including ethnic variations like Jamaican jerk and teriyaki.

But at some point all the people lining up at the contestants' booths have to make a decision we've all made at some point while ordering wings, Mild or hot? And how hot?

For some it's all about the heat. Others take a more measured view.

"I don't think you want to burn anyone's taste buds off," says Ryan Goldhammer of Noble's Parlor in Reno, "but they're chicken wings. You've got to give them a little kick in the butt."

Ryan says he serves only one hot sauce "Mildly hot," he says, "We take a different approach with fresh parmesan, green onions and a little chopped garlic at the end. I don't know what we stumbled onto, but people seem to like it."

In fact, Noble's which operates on Reno's West Second Street, is the defending champion, having won the People's Choice Award two years running.

A few spaces away you'll find Brian Peace of Wing King in Las Vegas brewing up Jamaican jerk, one of his many sauces.

There's heat aplenty on Peace's menu, but only the brave should order one item.

"We do boast we have the hottest wing in America, if you want. It's one million 750 thousand Scoville units apiece."

We're not sure what that means, but the name offers a clue. It's simply called Hell.

Down a dozen and the wings are free, you get your pained face on Facebook and bragging rights among your buddies, but it comes with a warning.

"What we do is have you sign a waiver because we've had people in the past, it gets so hot, they go in the rest room and maybe touch themselves. It's not good."


The Biggest Little Wing Fest runs through Saturday in downtown Reno.