Wind Event Does Serious Damage in Hidden Valley

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RENO, NV -- Residents in Hidden Valley spent hours Monday cleaning up from a wind storm that only lasted a few minutes.

"It happened very fast. Once I heard that sound blowing," said Karen Fifelski, a Hidden Valley resident.

Around 9 Monday morning, strong winds wreaked havoc on a few small blocks in Hidden Valley.

"It looks like ground zero of a catastrophe here," said Corey Dalton whose home was damaged by the wind.

Dozens of trees knocked over and outbuildings destroyed. The wind was so strong, it was dangerous.

"I heard all this stuff going on around me and I thought that perhaps something was going to come flying through the window," said Fifelski.

Karen Fifelski took cover and it's a good thing she did; her exterior wall was impaled by a 2x4.

"Clearly from the 2x4 into the home... That's much stronger than 50," said Shane Snyder with the National Weather Service.

Just half a mile from where the damage happened, a weather station monitored gusts up to 52 miles an hour. The winds where the event happened were much stronger but it is unclear how strong.

"A strong cold front came through in that little area; it was just sufficient to drive the wind down to the surface," said Snyder.

Using pictures provided by KOLO 8, the National Weather Service was able to determine in part what happened Monday morning.

"The trees and the buildings were blown in one direction. So that is indicative of a straight line wind," said Snyder.

No matter what the cause, people in Hidden Valley hope it was a one-time thing.

"Some of the structures on the property were just flung around like they were nothing and when they hit the ground they just disintegrated into pieces," said Dalton.