Wild Storm Hinders Plans

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SPARKS, Nev. -- People across northern Nevada were caught off guard Tuesday night by the wet weather. The rainstorm caused mudslides, stalled traffic and put a damper on plans. It looks like a majority of the storm has passed...but it was crazy in Sparks...not the relaxing hot summer night many of us expected. In fact, many had to take a rain check on their scheduled plans.

"It's crazy, i haven't seen Reno like this in a while," one Sparks local said.

"It's a storm that caught many of us by surprise, which made it a challenge for people to stick to their schedules. At Reed High School, students faced canceled practices and shortened try-outs.

"We really wanted to practice in this today like we were all pumped up in the locker room but then our coach called it so we were all mad about and stuff," said one football player.

"The weather is really bipolar," added another student. " Two minutes ago it was really sunny and right now there's thunder everywhere and it's pouring."

The storm also made roads hazardous, forcing drivers to overcome high-tides on Baring Blvd. And getting stuck in dangerous mudslides on Stoker Ave. Drivers and even cyclists had to endure the unexpected, making it hard to believe it's still August.

It was only two weeks ago when an even more powerful storm hit Northern Nevada. Even with the canceled plans and traffic headaches, some people still enjoy a summer thunderstorm.

"We barely get any rain here so i think it's pretty cool," one Sparks local said.

The majority of the storm has passed and puddles have dried up, but drivers should still take some precaution in case of lingering puddles.