Why Many Americans Go To Work Sick

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The Centers for Disease Control is calling it the "worst flu season" in four years, but being diagnosed with the flu isn't stopping millions of Americans from going to work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 41 million people do not have paid sick time, or do not have enough paid sick time to use while they're sick.

The American Journal of Public Health says an additional five million people were infected with the flu back in 2009, mainly because they caught the flu from a co-worker.

The Norovirus has been spreading like wildfire in Northern Nevada. Doctors recommend you stay home for at least three days after symptoms go away. Some people just can't afford to do this.

Doctors say you can take all the precautions, wiping down surfaces around your desk and constantly washing your hands, but the flu is really "about the air you breathe."

Doctors add, one cough or one sneeze could send thousands of droplets containing the flu into the air. Those droplets could stay there for up to 30 minutes.