Who Really Owns "The Pink Lady?"

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Patti and Ron Moore sitting in the sun behind their 29 Model A Sedan delivery.

Question: Who's car is it?

"We do everything together," says Patti. "He says it's my car, but it belongs to both of us."'

OK, but it's pink, not a color often favored by guys.

A little history here. Years ago Ron wisely realized he needed to get Patti on board if he was going to enjoy his interest in hot rods.

It worked.

In fact, he would tell you now she not only caught the bug, she may be more addicted to this pursuit than he.

"She's evolved further than I thought she would," he says, adding that the first thing she will do when they return home to Salome, Arizona will be to start planning next year's round of car shows.Moore:

"She's evolved further than I thought she would. As soon as we get back to Arizona, she'll be on the internet looking for more car shows to go to.

Which brings us back to the car which bears the logo "The Pink Lady."

They found it in Bakersfield a couple of years ago. It needed work, but they liked the color which Ron who's most often behind the wheel insists is no problem.

"I( get a few comments, but not enough to matter," he insists. Besides, "It's a soft pink which doesn't offend to many guys. So it can still have a masculine feeling about it."

That's a roundabout way of saying a real man, confident in his masculinity. isn't afraid to be seen in a pink car.

"You've got it," he says with a laugh..

So, Ron drives it more and isn't afraid of doing so, but who's car is it really?

Look at Patti's shirt, a pink that almost matches the car.

When we last saw her she was off to buy another--in pink.

"He says it's my car, but really it belongs to both of us."

When Patti talks about the Pink Lady she uses the word 'we' a lot.

Sounds like she's being generous. You really think of it as your car don't you.

"Yes, it's my car, She's the Pink Lady."