Who Abuses Animals?

RENO, NV - Bail for the man accused of maiming and killing dogs in a local motel room has been raised to $70,000. Jason Brown faces 7 felony counts, most of which involve torturing and or killing an animal. The police report on this case is graphic and upsetting to most people, even if you don't have a pet. The question is who commits crimes like this and why law enforcement takes it so seriously.

According to court records, over a course of 12 days, Jason Brown tortured, maimed, killed, dismembered or skinned at least six small dogs at a local motel.

“We have learned how to be empathetic, how to be sympathetic, how to know what's right, what's wrong. There are people out there who don't already have those skills,” says Erin Fey, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Fey had a chance to look at the criminal complaint against Brown.

Although she would not talk about his case specifically, she did talk to us about why these cases are taken seriously--and it's not just about the animals, although that is important.

“And if we didn't stop it with animals it can escalate into even people being harmed and murdered. When you see kids that are physically rough with animals or you see kids that are actually trying to harm animals, that could be abusing, etcetera, we need to focus on getting that child help,” says Fey.

Nevada law has been changed so tougher penalties and fines await the person convicted of animal torture. In our state if animal control finds neglect or abuse at a home with animals, if there are kids in the home, social services is involved too.

“If they see there is abuse with the animals or neglect with the animals, they can safely assume there is something going on with the kids too,” says Fey.

If this case goes to trial, and Jason Brown is convicted on all counts in the criminal complaint, he could spend more than 10 years in prison.