University of Nevada, Reno Responds to Sexual Assault Guidelines

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RENO, NV - The University of Nevada has released a statement saying it follows the federal laws aimed at making campuses more secure.

The university says it uses a three-pronged approach to combating sexual assault, consisting of education, support and investigation. It also says it regularly evaluates its polices and continues to strive and improve.

"Our efforts in education are campus-wide and coordinated," said Shannon Ellis in the statement, vice president of Student Services. "Workshops and seminars cover a wide range of prevention topics such as self-defense, bystander interventions, mandatory employee reporting and how to report an assault."

The White House issued new guidelines to help reduce sexual assaults on college campuses. A task force also issued a series of recommendations including student surveys, so colleges can better address the problem.

There will be prevention programs and an increase of confidentiality to educate students.

According to the National Institute of Justice, one in five women is sexually assaulted during their time in college.