Which Candidate is Best for Reno?

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RENO, NV - Their differences start from first appearances.

"I'm a little older, she's a little younger, i'm a little uglier, she's a little prettier," said Ray Pezonella, comparing himself to his opponent.

Appearances likely won't matter to voters, but what is going to matter is their goals for the city.

"I believe a great mayor set the tone and the culture of city and i think that everyone needs a voice at City Hall," said Hillary Schieve.

Now is a time that city hall needs strong leadership. Reno is facing growing debt and is at risk of running out of cash...

"The biggest thing is the debt and they are going to have to wrap their arms around it," said Pezonella.

Reno's economy needs to shift. No longer will casinos and tourism support the town. Schieve thinks a shift toward tech will save the biggest little city.

"A big part of my platform is all about entrepreneurs and technology and innovation and things like Midtown. Because I was one of the original founders of the Midtown district," said Schieve.

Pezonella acknowledges the success of Midtown, but adds the real future of Reno is hidden in our already successful events.

"We're going to grow those events. Hot August Nights is a wonderful event, the balloon races... The air races... The bowling congress... Bring in more and more events and it will keep us going," said Pezonella.

They differ on other issues as well. Firefighters, public safety, and where the city should head next. Both say they'll do their best to make Reno a better place to live.