What Happened to That Dynamite Discovery in Carson City?

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Carson City, NV - Sara Hopkins and her kids are glad to be back home after spending the night at their grandmother's house. The reason they had to leave: bomb squads had taken over next door.

"It was a little shocking, because we didn't actually expect there to be anything serious. We thought it was just a crazy old man telling a story," said Hopkins.

On Tuesday night, authorities surrounded the home at 306 Bath Street in Carson City, looking for decades-old dynamite that could go off. That afternoon, an elderly man had walked into the Sheriff's Office and told them he used to collect dynamite and stored some inside the walls of that property when he lived there 20 years ago. The big problem was that he didn't remember where he had hidden all of the dynamite or how much was in the building.

"He doesn't remember if it's high in the wall or low in the wall. It's very unspecific. So we're out doing an easter egg hunt for the golden prize," said Sheriff Ken Furlong.

Fortunately, no one lives inside the home now. Bomb squad members searched the walls of the home as deputies evacuated four nearby homes.

Officials ended up finding three sticks of dynamite inside one of the garage walls and they put an end to the drama, pouring diesel on them and burning them at a safe, city-owned site.

"I'm just glad everything's safe and hopefully we won't find anymore!" said Richard Sikes, who lives just across the street from the house.

Authorities say even though the dynamite could be 40 to 50 years old, they still posed a threat because they could have crystallized and exploded. Sheriff Furlong says the man who hid the dynamite will not face charges.