What Employers Expect From Graduates

RENO, NV - The sign says spring graduation is on May 17th.

You'd never know that to look on the UNR campus today as students are worrying about finals or a term paper that needs to be complete.

But soon, if it hasn't already happened, thoughts will turn to jobs and careers that naturally follow commencement.

Ask students what employers will be looking for, and they have a myriad of ideas.

”Character, just character hard work and dedication,” says Carlos Villalobos, a political science major.

“I think the number one thing a person has to have is consistency,” says Reymon Ulan, a neuroscience major.

”Can you manage being under stress, can you overcome the challenges,” says Norie Omiya, another neuroscience major.

According to a 2014 job outlook survey, employers plan to hire seven-point-eight percent more new college graduates when compared to last year.

The top hiring industries are educational services, professional scientific and technical services, healthcare and social sciences.

But that really isn't the total picture.

Here at the Nevada Career Studio at UNR, the career coordinator is convinced graduates have the education and skills to do a job.

But she says employers are going to ask more of graduates, like why they should be hired.

”Communication is one, team work, and problem solving. So we tell students when they are interviewing, they are going to ask, tell me about a time when you had to work with people very different than you. Tell me about a time when you solved a problem in the work place,” says Mary T. Calhoon, Nevada Career Studio Coordinator.

Such questions can tell the employer a lot about a prospective hire.

Calhoon says for many students, those skills aren't developed overnight.

Boot camps and other programs are offered at the career studio as early as Freshman year so students will be fully trained to take the next step into a career once they graduate.

According to Calhoon, business majors will see slightly fewer jobs open to them after graduation.

This year there is a greater demand for computer science, humanities, social science, and health science majors.