West Street Market Will Welcome Two New Tenants

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Reno, NV - West Street Market has struggled since it opened nearly three years ago. But now, a popular restaurateur with a following is hoping he can help breathe new life into the area. And that's generating a lot of buzz.

The space that used to house Reno Envy at West Street Market will soon be transformed into a kitchen area.

It will be smack dab in the middle of two restaurants set to open at the Market in late September and will serve the kind of food we don't see a lot of in Reno.

"We are opening two restaurants. One is Bowl. The other is Rawr," says Carlos Leon, one of the owners. The other owner is Larry Dunning, who used to own the restaurant Sezmu.

"And Larry has such a following that i think his name alone will attract his old patrons," says Leon.

That's one reason these businesses partners think they can succeed here, where so many others have failed.

"Why West Street? Well I love downtown. And I know Larry does too. So we thought this would be a really good spot for the type of food we're going to be doing," says Leon.

And so does the owner of Niko's Greek Kitchen, nearby, who can't wait to have more foot traffic in a spot that's not very hard to find.

"We're going to have two more units that people will come over and be able to sit down and eat. And help the whole market create some new atmosphere. And bring some life to it," says Nikos Theologitis.

"I'd love it," one woman told us who was eating lunch with her family at West Street Market. "It does feel like it's pretty empty in here right now so I think it will be great for downtown to have some more businesses in here."

"I think that's what we're offering and the quality of what we're offering will be enough to draw people down here," says Leon.

West Street Market could use a bigger crowd. There are still two vacant retail spaces that the city is hoping to lease out.