Weekend Storm Brought Needed Water

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RENO, NV -- We're finally getting a chance to dry out after an extremely wet weekend in the Sierra. It was exactly what we have been waiting for: a storm to make a real difference in our current drought situation.

This storm brought more water than all of the storms since October combined, but we're still not out of the woods in terms of drought.

Still, water experts say this storm was an important one.

"Boy, this is a multi-million dollar storm when it comes to our water supply," said Randy Julander with the Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Julander adds this latest storm made a huge difference in our water situation.

"It doesn't likely end the drought in any substantive way, but it vastly improves our situation from what it was just a week ago," said Julander.

The Truckee River was flowing fast Monday, but most of the water that is going to make a difference is in the mountains. several feet of snow fell above 7,000 feet.

"Probably the third biggest one-day event that I have seen in almost 21 years," said Federal Water Master Chad Blanchard.

Blanchard is keeping an eye on our water reserves, he says; thanks to a 4-inch rise on Lake Tahoe, we're looking much better.

"That's almost one and a half Bocas that we received in two days in Tahoe," said Blanchard.

Prior to this storm, there was concern the Truckee would dry up this summer, but with the recent deluge of rain, those worries have washed away.

"We are still very dry; we are still way behind but it was a huge huge boost to what we have," said Blanchard.