Weather Pattern Ideal For Mosquito Populations

RENO, NV - At Washoe County Vector Control, recently-captured mosquitoes are sorted by species and gender.

Not all mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus, this process allows them to locate those that do, and their ratio to other mosquitoes.

“The samples that we have had tested at the animal disease lab, the state AG lab so far they are all negative for viruses including the West Nile Virus,” says Jim Schafer, Vector Control Program Coordinator.

The wet weather, followed by near record hot temperatures later in the week here are a recipe for increasing our odds of a positive West Nile Mosquito pool.

Schafer says because of budget cuts to mosquito abatement programs, they are asking for residents to take an even more active role in eradicating breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

That means taking a look in your backyard, is there a bucket, a wheel barrel, an old tire in or around your house?

Look to see if its collecting water, and turn it upside down to drain.

If you have a pond in your backyard, vector control can help you stock it with mosquito-eating fish.

In the weeks to come if you notice mosquito swarms getting worse in your neighborhood, contact vector control.

They may have to treat catch basins in the area which are known to harbor mosquitoes and their eggs.