Weather Forces Students Home One Hour Early

RENO, NV - At Westergard Elementary School, staff was busy keeping up with phone calls from parents concerning the school day altered schedule.

With the day ending one hour earlier, parents were left scrambling.

"Good morning, Westergard families, this is Valarie Bishop; due to the inclement weather we are experiencing, Washoe County School District has initiated an early release for all Washoe County School District schools today."

That was the recording parents got on their phones at about ten-thirty Tuesday morning.

For parents like Ami Reed it meant picking her kids up even earlier.

“I was going to have to figure something out, came on my lunch break which is what worked out best. They'll just go back to work with me the rest of the day,” said Reed.

Buses arrived to pick up kids at around two and two thirty; not only is the time different; the drop-off locations have been altered.

That's because many of the regular stops are on streets that are not plowed, so children are dropped off at safe locations--they may have to walk a little farther home.

“Our reason being for canceling school an hour early was because of the traffic conditions. We are trying to beat the sunset, then we are trying to beat the commuter traffic and we are giving transportation crews throughout the day to clear up the roads for us to drop kids off,” said Tracy Moore with school police.

Moore says the district will make a decision about scheduled classes on Wednesday based on the forecast and whether it's safe for buses, kids and their families to go to school.