Weather Causes Run on Snow Tires

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RENO, NV - This weather is causing a run on snow tires.

Managers at Discount Tire on South Virginia Street say they've been waiting for the snow, for two months.

Now that it's here, they are seeing a major uptick in business.

Between yesterday and today, the store has been averaging 12 customers an hour trying to get those last minute snow tires on vehicles.

"Since yesterday, we've been pretty much non-stop. We've had to call extra people in just because of the weather. So it has been a lot busier than normal," says manager Jason Colvin.

Colvin also says they are turning those customers fairly quickly, considering the demand. On average, the walk-in wait is about 30 minutes.

Tuesday, it was more like 45-minutes to an hour.

"Come in and expect to wait just a little bit longer than normal, but we'll get you taken care of. Today, we've probably seen about 40 customers so far... Ten to 12 an hour. We averaged 12 an hour yesterday."