Wear Your Denim To Work Day

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RENO, NV - Behind the counters at Nevada State Bank Friday, employees wore denim to help the Reno Rodeo Foundation provide the essentials to kids in foster care.

Executive Director of the Foundation Marie Baxter says there are 15,000 kids in Northern Nevada, at any given time, who are not living in their homes because those homes are unsafe or their parents are not able to care for them. She says those kids often arrive with just the clothes on their backs. The annual Denim Drive gives them the basic supplies they need to get back on their feet. "We take it for granted... you open your drawer, your socks and your underwear are in there and they're clean," Baxter explains. "They haven't had that experience."

Nevada state bank is one of more than 150 Denim Drop locations where you can donate jeans, socks or underwear in any size. They most quickly go through sizes for infants and small children, but the item most in demand are men's socks. If you don't have time to shop, you can stop by an Nevada National Bank location and purchase a paper "pocket" for a small donation. Money collected will give the Foundation greater denim buying power. The denim drive only lasts a month, but your small gift could make the difference of a lifetime.