Washoe Schools Bill Needs Another Vote

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RENO, NV - Washoe County School administrators were delighted to hear Tuesday that AB46 had been signed into law.

"It's a big step for our school district. Now we get the chance to make our case to the county commissioners," said Lindsay Anderson, who lobbies on behalf of the school district. She was key on the bills writing and making sure it got to the governors desk.

"This was our way to try to secure additional funding to give us the same opportunities of every other district in the state,:" said Anderson.

The schools need money to improve campuses, but the cash cant come from the state. With AB-46, administrators want a quarter cent bump in sales tax and a 5 cent increase in property tax per 100 dollars assessed value.

While it was the Washoe County School Board that pushed through AB-46, the decision will ultimately be made by the Washoe County Commissioners.

"Its an important issue and we want to do the right thing," said Commissioner David Humke said Tuesday.

He added, the board will have to weigh the priorities of teachers, students and of course tax payers who would foot the bill.

"So we don't have a history of raising taxes in this economic downturn," said Humke.

Through the recession, the commissioners have cut costs but never increased taxes to make ends meet. If they did in this case, it wouldn't even benefit them.

"We don't authorize spending for schools, that's why this is so unusual," said Humke.

"Hopefully they will keep an open mind, we know it is not ever popular to raise taxes... and we wish we were coming to them with something different," said Anderson

If it ultimately does go through, Washoe schools could see an extra 20-million dollars a year.