Washoe Drive Fire Nearly One Year Later

RENO, NV - “Just complete chaos. I mean fires everywhere. People you know try to help everywhere people, you know, trying to help people, it was just take care of yourself get out that's all we could do,” says Ott Hansen who remembers the Washoe Fire and how it took just about everything on his property on Kitts Way.

It's a time of reflection for Hansen.

Back on his property after almost a year, his horses are back in their pasture, and he and his family are living in a guest house that by all rights with its shake shingle roof should have gone up in the fire.

But what looks like a skating rink sits where his home used to be.

“Rebuild our house and get home You know being home is the most important thing,” says Hansen

His property was decimated on January 19th of last year.

His hay barn lit up the sky, the Washoe Fire would later destroy his home burning it to the ground--only the foundation would be left.

Hansen says he wouldn't be here today without the help of friends, and quite frankly complete strangers.

Those who put his family up for nearly a year--money, food, clothing, supplies, furniture.

Church groups would come and clear his property, former employers would arrive on scene and ask him what he needed.

How could Thank You ever be sufficient?

“There are so many people you can't name them and that's a problem,” says Hansen.